The All New Kingman Spyder RS

With the popularity of the VS Series markers, Spyder had to raise the bar considerably if they wanted to offer even more to their loyal customers, and boy did they ever deliver. Spyder has been looking to expand and increase its market share for some time now, and the VS series has done just that. Now that Spyder is at the head of the pack, and produced one of the best series of paintball markers, what would they do next? Fast forward to 2012 and Spyder has introduced a couple brand new markers: The Spyder RS and RSX. This review will give you all the best info on the RS model, and the lowdown on its performance and stock features.

The Spyder RS: Who Else Wants One?

With Spyders sights set on the entry level player arena, the all new RS won't disappoint. There were some concerns in the community after hearing about the release of the RS over whether it would be compatible with HPA (high pressure air). But not to worry, the RS runs on Co2 and compressed air. As an added bonus Spyder has gone ahead and made it a lot more efficient with the Rapid Charge Inline Regulator. With the Rapid Charge Inline Regulator comes a steadier air flow and a more consistent shot per shot basis, so your paintballs don't suddenly break when high velocity air hits them.

Another addition is the lower pressure system and Anti-Chop Eye's that work in all firing modes. The result? Less paintballs chopping in your breech and more breaking into a colorful mess on your friends. The Spyder RS is also set to run at or around 300 PSI (pounds per square inch) and can fire up to 20 bps (balls per second), although I've heard a couple people say they've managed to achieve 25 bps.

Overview of the RS performance features

  • The Spyder RS shoots at 20 bps (balls per second) and has 2 types of firing modes, semi-auto and burst fire
  • As I mentioned earlier the RS operates on Co2 or compressed air
  • Operates at 300 PSI
  • Anti-Chop Eye's work in all modes
  • Fast Charge Inline Regulator and SE Technology (Synergy Engineering)
  • Utilizes a Low Pressure System
  • 3G Technology

Standard Features of the Spyder RS

Standard features of the Spyder RS include break beam eyes (the anti-chop system). Also (as mentioned earlier) the Spyder RS comes equipped with the new Rapid Charge Inline Reg, and includes a rubber grip, a cool new added bonus. The RS is also fitted with a Vented Pressure Relief on/off CA Adapter and a durable steel braided hose line for less chance of air leaks. Other standard features of the Spyder RS include.

  • Low pressure chamber
  • Twist lock clamping feedneck (so you don't have to worry about your loader/hopper falling off)
  • Push button access membrane
  • Wrap around grip
  • A twelve inch two piece micro ported barrel (easy to use and clean)
  • Three-way adjustable infinity trigger
  • External velocity adjuster
  • Quick release Delrin bolt
  • Micro gauge

The all new Spyder RS comes with a MSRP of $250, and with a price tag like that you can't complain. The Spyder RS is backed by "3G" (3rd Generation) technology so look for this marker to boast awesome performance and hold true to Kingman Groups continued integrity. Count on this beauty to be around for some time and for Spyder to keep producing top notch quality paintball markers. I give the Spyder RS 4.5 out of 5 - I didn't give it a 5 because the RS reminds me a lot of the VS2, and nothing's perfect, right?

About The Author

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